Oct 112015


Your order:

only accept preorder for sleeping version at present.:)

 Sleeping Vennus, nude doll with china paint face up and body blushing $2650
*include a doll, a certificate. a woodenbox

painting style:  pale white freshton
feet:  super high heel feet flat feet

+ wig
Premium mohair Ash blonde curl, $140 Brown, curl, $140
Mohair Blonde, curl, $125 Blonde, straight, $125 Light Brown, $125

*The fiber of premium mohair is thinner and softer. I like both meterials, it depends on which color and style you like.

default 01 for super high heel feet  black, $100 cream, $100

 Stand $50
 porcelain doll hand brooch (for human) $145

Shipping Insurance*  Yes. It costs 2% of the total price excluding shipping. No. I have read the rules and will bear the cost if my package is lost during transportation.

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 full payment 6 months layaway 12 months layaway

Full payment, will be shipped in 6 months.
6 months layaway, total 3 payments, deposit 30%, and 2*35% should be paid before the end of the 4th month and the 6th month. Will be shipped in 6-9 months.
12 months layaway, total 4 payments, deposit 25%, and 3*25% should be paid before the end of the 6th month, the 9th month and the 12th month. Will be shipped in 12-15 months.

The deposit will not be returned.

If you have any special requirement. , please let me know.

I will send you a confirm email after I receive your preorder list.

Thank you so much.:)


Sep 012015

infinite BoBo_s

‘ “Scared BoBo” was a legendary creature in the Underland.
Elders said that BoBo was an extremely timid creature. Any moves and sounds would scare it.
It was a master of camouflage. Usually, it stood quietly against wall, looking just like a settee, but when being scared, it could run away in a astonishing speed with its long legs.

Nowadays, few people had seen BoBo with their own eyes. Some even believed that it had already been extinct. But rumor said if lucky enough, you might find one in the Queen’s palace.’

Just kidding. XD

Scared BoBo is a settee inspired by my own timid cat BoBo. When BoBo got scared, he would jump up like a spring with his legs strengthened and back arched, that finally became the unique shape of the long legs and the arch front of the settee.

To me, this settee is not just a settee. During the creation, I felt that by making a BoBo inspired settee, I made BoBo immortal. One day BoBo and our beloved pets will leave us, which makes me feel so sad. (My dog, ‘Huang Tou’ means yellow head in Chinese, passed away on June 4 this year, I still miss him so much.) I think with the settee, BoBo’s story, our story will be continued even after our death. Just imagine some time in the future, a collector will introduce the story behind this settee to his/her visitors, ’Once there was a timid cat called BoBo…’. And I feel that every time the name ‘BoBo’ came out from another person, (it’s not a usual name for a settee :P), it enhances the little trace of our existence in the world.

Every edition of BoBo is limited.
The first edition, golden brown×blue is available for pre-order. It is limited up to 5.

The frame is made of resin, painted by hand. The cushions is made of polyurethane foam wrapped with silk brocade.

size: 29*13.5*28.4cm (L*W*H)  Height of seat: 16cm

BoBo was designed, molded, cast, sanded, painted, fabricated by me. Every single piece is handmade by myself. Considering the cost of the time on early design stage and on making each one of them, the price is $628. Worldwide shipping free by register air mail.




*To avoid damage during shipping, BoBo will be shipped in separate parts. You need to assemble it by your own. It’s quite easy.

*Each eyeball is painted by hand, so they might be slightly different with each other.

Aug 292015


Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/191676723712?


Finially, after 2 years since the porcelain doll project started, the first one is ready for auction.

A lot of people might have already known her as ‘Queen of Hearts’, which will be my next fullset theme, but the face mold actually has her own name, ‘Venus’. It doesn’t come directly from the name of the Goddess. I have to keep the meaning of the name as a secret until the Queen of Hearts fullset are done.

Anyway, she is as beautiful as a Goddess, isn’t she?:)




General Introduction

The doll is 45.5cm(17.9inch) tall, with super high heel feet; 43cm(16.9inch) tall with normal flat feet. The auction does not include the normal flat feet. The winner can pre-order an extra pair of feet later.



She is made of finest white porcelain, sanded 3 times, painted with 3~7 layers of china paint.







Revolution Design on Joints

The doll has total 21 joints, stringed by elastic, which allow her to pose variously, naturally and beautifully. She can even stand on her own tiptoes, just with a little help for balance. In order to bear and support the weight of the body, the joints are very well-made, perfectly match with each other.
(For safety, please do use the stand all the time.)


However the real revolution I talked about here is the design of the hip joints. They looks like normal single joints, with much smaller gaps, but they can function almost like those huge double joints.I won’t say that they work the exactly same as double joints, because after all, I have to sacrifice a little for the beauty,They are close and look way more natural and beautiful.

I also explored new materials for lining, because I really don’t like the thick leather linings pop out, cut the lines of the body, take away some attentions.My linings are made of translucent silicone or hot glue depending on different sizes and shapes of joints.






All designed&made by me.

The wig is made of silk. The fiber is very soft and easy to style. I prefer well cut,thin hair close to the head, so the amount of the hair is just enough to cover the skull. It gives the doll a chic, modern, highfashion look. The wig can be removed from the head. More colors and styles will be available for purchase in the future.



Her tiny couture gown is actually a two-piece, including a sexy jumpsuit and a elegant  maxiskit.I think with two pieces, it will be more fun. She can attend a formal ceremony in the day and go to a private party at night without changing clothes.


The jumpsuit is made of fine lace, embroidered with tiny glass beads, imitation pearls and Swarovski rhinestones. It looks more shining with movement by your own eyes.
The maxiskit is made of tulle, ribbon, with imitation pearl buttons on the back too.
In order to achieve the best effect, they were sewed completely by hand, and fit the doll like a glove.

IMGP7584 IMGP7560


The shoes are special designed for the super high heel feet. They are made with silk satin.The style is just simple and elegant. More colors and styles will be available for purchase in the future, too. I wish to offer a plenty of choices of accessories for my dolls gradually so that owners will have more fun to play with them.


The shoes contains magnets inside so that they won’t fall off from the feet even without any banding.





I specifically want a height adjustable stand to fit 2 different types of feet and their different types of shoes. Most stands on the market are too weak to support the doll, which don’t meet my standard. However I don’t have those heavy tools and strength to work with metal, so after thinking hard for several days, searching among the hardware shops, I came up with this idea:

It is made from a clip transformed from a doll stand on the market wrapped with plastic tube to protect scratching the doll, a steel pipe, hardware from 3D print machines which achieve moving up and down and a black walnut foundation which is heavy enough to support the tall thin porcelain doll.

Well…It might be a weird design, but I like it. I did my best to achieve the function within my ability. Hopefully, you like it too.:)





A porcelain doll hand brooch made by myself.





The auction includes:

  1. porcelain ball jointed doll, Venus#1, china paint face and body
  2. silk blond wig, removable
  3. jumpsuit made of fine lace, tiny glass beads, imitation pearls and Swarovski rhinestones.
  4. maxiskit made of tulle, ribbon, imitation pearls
  5. silk satin shoes, contains magnets
  6. special designed stand, height adjustable
  7. porcelain doll hand brooch, a gift for the first owner
  8. certificate with a set of photos
  9. woodenbox


Starting price: $3000

I hope my attention to the details bring you the best experience when holding her in hand.

Good luck and enjoy the bidding.



Please play with the doll gentlly, move the joints slowly and avoid bumping the pieces into each other; clean the doll with soft wet cloth, avoid sanding the surface with rough hard materials.

The owner will get free repairment for up to 4 pieces, not including the head and free elastic supports if needed in the future.  All materials and services are free, the owner just need to pay the shipping fee.


Payment terms

I accept paypal only for international transaction.

If you are from China, I accept other method of money transfer.

The payment should be paid in 3 days after the auction ends.

Returns not accepted.



The package weights about 3kg.

The doll can be shipped worldwide by EMS. The shipping fee will be depended on your location.

For Chinese buyers, more shipping methods are available.


Please feel free to ask me, if you have any question.

Find more working in process pictures on my Flickr.



P.S I also designed and made the chair in the photo, which named ‘scared BoBo’. The winner can pre-order it too. Contact me for more details.

Email: ddanne1984@icloud.com




Apr 012015

Miss Deer's delusion

1st Anniversary Collection

~Miss Deer‘s Delusion~

Limited to 2


1 white skin Papana with face up;

1 default brown wig;

1 pair of Papa eyes D7;

1 deer horn head accessory;

1 green dress;

1 yellow lace skirt;

1 pair of bloomers

1 pair of stockings

1 pair of handmade leather shoes


Nov 242014

Mero-Alice in process

White skin Mero has been sold out since 2011.

Many people asked me if she will be available again, so I decided to open a quick group pre-order.

She is only available from Nov.24 to Nov. 28. If you like her, don’t miss the last change to own her.

As my hand was injured, the face up is not available. Mero will be casted and sanded by the professional factory and assembled and prepared by my cousin under my watch.

The basic set includes:

a blank doll with an extra  pair of fists

Price: $240

2-part layaway accepted

Deposit: $72

Balance : $168+shipping fee

You need pay extra $4.8, if you want to buy a shipping insurance.

Expect waiting time: 3 months

As it’s the end of the year, the factory might be very busy. and the Chinese New Year holiday is in February, so might be delayed. But I will keep my eye on this and ask the factory to finish them as soon as possible.


Height: 24cm
Head size (around) : about 16.3cm (wig 6-7 inches)
Eye size: 16mm
Foot length:3.8mm



Alice (C1)-original

Nov 192014

All colors e

Papa eyes were high quality handmade acrylic eyes,originally designed for my new doll Papana.

The eyes give dolls a gentel, soft look. Many people asked if they were avaialbe in other sizes,

so later, my cousin and I developed more sizes for different sizes of dolls.

Waiting time: up to 1 month

Order before Nov 30, shipping fee up to $5 (worldwide by register air mail).

CLICK Here to order

We have small sizes including 8mm, 10mm, special for tiny dolls.

shoot under the daylight


As a color maniac, I have developed 46 colors by far. They can match any make-ups, wigs and styles.


Compare to some other acrylic eyes, Papa eyes have no refraction. They can be seen clearly in any angles.



D1, peacock blue


A4, Copper


B4,  Quartz


C9, Bluebird


Color Chart
shoot under the lamp

A series


B series


C series


D seires


At last I would like to thank my cousin, Kevin,for helping me make the eyes. It’s a pleaseure to work with him.^-^

Oct 182014

Greeting Everyone,

I have a small bad news. After I came back from Europe, my right thenar eminence started feeling numb when being touched. At first I thought it’s just a small problem and would heal soon. However, several month passed, it’s still numb and the numb area is getting larger. The doctor said it was caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and required me to stop overusing my hand, otherwise it will get worse.

Therefore, I decided to stop selling 10cm dolls and 24cm dolls which casted and sanded by myself for a while. The dolls casted by factory will be still available.

And a good news is that I’m considering to make Papa eyes in all size and they will be available for purchase to all customers. But first, I need to find a assistant  to make eyes for me.


Thank you for your supporting.^-^



Aug 272014

Riko is one of the most popular 10cm doll I made. Total 49 Riko had been sold until 2012,  then, she has been out of stock for a long time since I moved my attendtion to larger dolls.

These two are imperfect Riko, both of them have tiny flaws on their face. I painted the face up to hide the flaws. They are the last Riko I have.

$160 each, including the doll with face up, a pair of glass eyes, a wig.


Thank you.

Mole&Freckle, imperfect Riko,looking for a new home.

Mole&Freckle, imperfect Riko,looking for a new home.

Mole&Freckle, imperfect Riko,looking for a new home.



Mole&Freckle, imperfect Riko,looking for a new home.

Aug 082014

Hello everyone,

After Flickr disable sharing photos to my website, it takes too much time for me to keep update in different places.
Therefore I decided to stop daily updating here for now. The shop is still available.
Please feel free to use the contact page if you have any question, I will reply you as soon as possible.

Welcome to follow me on Flickr and Facebook.



Thank you.


May 182014

I was planning to fire the test hand pieces, but the underframe of my kiln hasn’t been ready yet. Before I confirm if the porcelain clay is suitable, I won’t start to cast the Queen.

Therefore, I made some new underwears for Papana.

May 18, 2014 - new underwears for Papana

May 18, 2014 - new underwears for Papana

May 152014

I never met problem on slip casting when I made porcelain hands at Jingdezhen in 2012, so I thought it’s easy. However…well, as you see in the photos…I made the slip by myself. At first, it stuck on the mold…

May 15, 2014 - try slip

Then I tried another kind of clay, which was claimed to be better than the first one. It did make some improvement, but still not good enough. I’m going to test more. Does anyone know how to solve the problems? The crack on the surface, and the sunken ( I thought it because the pour spots were too small. They were blocked during drying. There was not enough slip in the mold so the green ware collapsed. )
May 15, 2014 - try slip

May 102014

People keep coming to ask if she is for sale. At first, I said that she was sold out and I have no plan to restock her. But after having been asked for several days, I realized that I could refuse such a good chance. which made me decide to make a new batch in white skin.

May 10, 2014 - Hexad became huge popular after SHDP unexpectedly

24cm doll body, 2.0 ver
May 10, 2014 - 24cm doll body, 2.0 ver
After I assembled the doll, I found it’s unnecessary to separate the hip joints. Therefore, I glued the joints on the body.

Apr 252014

I met some difficulties when I cast plaster masters last time, so I made a test mold to see if it’s easier to make plaster molds with the masters… The test is successful, I hope it works when I make the formal molds too.
April 25, 2014 - test mold